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Create your sports website.

Where are the fans, sportsmens and Teams ? With almost 1 billion members on Facebook, you can assume that the majority of them are there. Create your FanPage and offer a new experience that integrates directly into Facebook and Google but can also be output to TV platforms or streamed in-Stadium

A FanPage for all teams and pros

We allow teams, clubs, athletes, group, talent and the media to create a Fan Page. A Fan Page is a web site that concentrates all your universe and all the content published through the web (news, games, videos, players, supporters, shop, merch …). A Fan Page can be integrated into Facebook and Google and help you to generate revenues

Facebook plug and play

By integrating your FanPage on Facebook, you offer your users a centralized content (news, photos, videos, tweets, ...), you enlight them by registering their supports, you know them through Facebook connect, you increase your numbers likes, you increase your Fans (returned by the website traffic), you offer exclusive services, you empower them to note the players, you reward them with the membership card of your fan club, you facilitate the meetings between them, you generate revenue by selling virtual goodies, you integrate your store in Facebook, you allow them to sell used items related to your FanPage ...

HTML Code and iframe

Create the FanPage of your team and download the index page of your FanPage or the code to integrate as an iframe. Put the index page on your server to create the web site of your team. To go to your FanPage, they will have to enter the url of your website.

Facebook integration

Facebook integration allows you to animate your Facebook page, to recruit new fans and qualify your fans (age, sex, location, ...)
Add your FanPage to Facebook and offer more services to your Fans.

Get more fans on Facebook

The power of a club or an athlete on Facebook is measured by the number of fans. That's why your FanPage integrates many social tools to recruit new fans and increase your number of "Likes"
The more your users share your FanPage within their network, the more they will be rewarded and highlighted. Sharing on social networks is a way for fans to access to recognition.

Membership Card

When you integrate on Facebook your FanPage, you offer to your fans a membership card (Fan Club Card on Facebook which is generated automatically by the platform). To receive the card and be part of your community, the user must click on 'Like'. The Like button is integrate to your FanPage and enable you to increase the number of fans on Facebook.

Who are your fans ?

Users must login via Twitter or Facebook connect. In compliance with Facebook or Twitter Terms, you can access information from your Fans (Name, First Name, Age, Sex, Location, …) ONLY if they have optin. To become a fan, user have to click on button 'support'

Customize your Fan Page

By default, your Fan Page cover picture will be the one you use on Facebook. You can change it in 'Settings'.


Fans can show their supports by clicking on "Support". The number of supports received determines the ranking. The most active fans are rewarded by unlocking badges and getting new positions at the club (President, Director, Coach, Doctor ...)

Live news

News aggregated on your FanPage are published by the club, fans and media. Posts, Photos, Videos, Tweets … are referenced. Two major advantages:
1 / Your FanPage is updated at any time by a content enriched by your community.
2 / No need for fans to spend hours on the web to find the news they are looking for. Your SporPage works as a hub. The search developed displays content with at least a keyword from your club or your players. For example, for New York Yankees, the Page Manager must choose the keywords that are most relevant. The keyword 'nyyankees' will not highlight the same content as the keywords 'Yankee' or 'NY'. There are four ways to publish content.
1 / Use the website.
2 / Use hashtag from Twitter.
3 / Upload content from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr…
4 / Link your account to social networks, and choose keywords to import the proper content.

Players and teams rosters

Players are selected by the Page Manager or they are imported from the Team's Wikipedia page. The search engine extracts players from the Wikipedia page. If you find any errors, edit the Wikipedia page or enter the members. Once the members are identified, you will have to link for each player an account from Facebook, Twitter and Wikipedia. If you do not have time to do so, users may help you by accepting or rejecting accounts that have been identified by the search engine.

Rank the players and vote for the MVP.

When a game is live and for 5 hours after the game has ended, fans can rate the players and vote for the MVP. You can see who is the current MVP at any time.

Collector cards.

Fans can collect the cards of the athletes and go to their profile to follow the latest news. Users can create their Dream Team with players of their choices.


We provide many games competitions. Nevertheless, we can not cover all the world, from amateurs games to professionals games. The Page Manager (the user who manages a FanPage) may setup the upcoming games. The events tools, may help the Page Manager to know which players will attend the game. Players just have to answer by email, on Facebook or Twitter.


Your Facebook Fans can make their predictions directly on your Facebook timeline. This tool allows you to animate your page, to keep your fans on your timeline and to know who are your fans (name, age, country, email ..). You may know in real time, the odd of your FanPage and the fans predictions. Predictions are free. It is therefore no betting. In many countries, the betting market is regulated. In countries where legislation permits to bet, we have selected operators and enable access to these platforms. If your team made a partnership with a bet operator, you can choose the operator you want to highlight. In this context, the website works as a leads generator. Nevertheless, according the Facebook's Terms (include the URL of cgv) no advertising for bet operators will be allowed and display on the Facebook apps.

Merch from your Team

Fans can customize their photos with virtual goodies from your team or athletes. By default, users can customize their photos for free (no virtual goodies using team's trademark can be sale without specific authorization from The Website and Teams).

Shop ( Tickets, caps, suscription …)

Sell ​​products from your team. Sell ​​personal items from players to fundraise the Causes of their choice. Choose the products you want to sell (tickets, jerseys, license, photos, equipment,...) and link your PayPal account or your payment processor.


You must first create the FanPage of your club. Then, enter the different games (team1 vs team2, in, out, date, time…). Invite other teams to join the tournament and share it with all fans

Events and Training sessions

Setup dates, and places. Then send invitations by emails, Facebook or Twitter.

Social Ranking.

The Social Ranking is based on the number of Fans on Facebook and the number of followers on Twitter. Compare your FanPage to the others.

What kind of Fan Page for the media ?

Medias can create a FanPage with the content of their choices. They must first choose the Facebook page on which they want to install a Tab. Then, they have to choose the content to include in their FanPage (teams, athletes, news feeds, top clubs, lists of games, cards collector...) Go to Business for more business suggestions integration


The content published is aggregated through different networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, Wikipedia, Flickr… The Website is neither the author nor the editor nor the publisher of the content aggregated via social networks. The Website does not own the copyright of everything that has been published on its website. The Website offers publishers the ability to add, modify or delete the content published on the website. The user who has the rights on the content has to connect to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, Wikipedia, Flickr to modify, add or remove content. For further details about copyright infringement, please read the Terms and Privacy


For each FanPage the Page Manger can access to the database (users, name, email optin ...), the location of the fans (country, city), the number of visits per day, per month, the revenue generated through the shop,…