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Import all the sports stuff you might have you shared on your social networks. Then find your friends, connect with the teams you support, and identify any sports clubs where you are a member. Support your teams and get recognised for it. Highlight the sports you do and share your love of sport.You can also post your workouts and share and monitor your performance.

Enjoy a unique experience with your Fans. Fans follow you on your profile or on your team's FanPage. They support you, they rate your actions in real time and they punish you if they are disappointed.

Find your favorite teams. Support, rate, create your dream team. Read and publish news. Support...and get recognized!

Profile - Are you more Athlete or Fan ?

We enable you to build and aggregate your network and project a positive image of yourself based on your passions. An image that is probably going to very different from the one you can offer on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin ...You'll never be seen in the same way again. Join us - and become a hero !


My Sports

List the sports that you do. Identify the friends who you do sport with. Find sports partners or coaches with whom you can train. Compare your performance

Teams and Athletes that you are supporting

You are a true fan, so distinguish yourself from the others and get involved. Prove to your favorite teams that you support them. List your clubs memberships. Follow the news, comment, aggregate videos, recruit new fans, increase your favorite team ranking and be one of the most active fans. Get rewarded by your team.

Publish your sports news

There are 2 ways you can publish news: 1/ Use the website or the mobile apps 2/ Link your social network accounts from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, Flickr … and choose keywords. Content of your choice will be automatically published. For example, if you did a 'check-in' last time you were at the gym and you had set it's name as a keyword, then your check-in will be automatically published. We will also enable you to get in touch with other members of your club.

The news listed on your Profile is extracted from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube ...

The software developed displays only the content that contains at least one keyword of the sports you do or teams you supported. If you no longer want to broadcast your news, simply turn keywords 'off' in your settings

Your tailor made Sports News

You choose the type of news you want to follow, based on sports you play, friends you follow, athletes and teams you root for. You can define the news you want follow in your 'Setup> Media News' settings on your profile


The check-ins listed on your Profile show how many times you've supported your favorite teams and athletes. The counter is incremented each time you do a checkin on Foursquare, on Facebook or you click 'Support'


The Workouts listed on your Profile show the number of times you've trained. The counter is incremented each time you do a check-in on Foursquare, on Facebook or you post a Sport activity.

For the counter to increment, you will need to indicate which sports you do and clubs where you train. Without this information, the platform will not be able to distinguished check-in's related to your Workout or check-in's related to Support you may have given a team or friend


To calculate the number of calories burned, you have to enter: weight, speed and time of training. By default, the platform will use the average weight of 139 lbs (63kg) for a woman and 170 lbs (77 kg) for a man.

For check-in's set as Workouts, the default settings for time trained will be set at one hour and the effort considered moderate.

Your team

You are a member of a club or you play on a team ? Create your FanPage and invite other players to join you. Find players and fans of your club. Offer a new space which aggregates news, games, events, photos, videos, ecommerce…Add your FanPage to Facebook and Google. Use your FanPage as your dedicated team website

Sports Clubs

Have you ever asked yourself : 'Who is that person running next to me ? ', 'How can I improve my workouts?', 'Who can I train with?', 'Where is the best place to run...?'

Complete your Profile, list your friends, and we will suggest other members that match your profile to you. Up to you if you want to connect...

Your fans

Your Profile allows you to keep your network informed but from a different angle (especially if you are a Facebook user). You capture fans who will follow your sports achievements and read the relevant comments you make ​​on their favorite teams. As you do it, you improve your reputation and gain more influence.

Get rewarded for your supports

Share the love. The most active fans are rewarded by unlocking badges and getting new ranks at the club (President, Director, Coach, Doctor ...)


List the venues you have attended, the streets you run, places where you train, ski resorts, golf courses, tennis courts where you played ... Find other members who go to the same places and make new friends. To help you to integrate your venues, the check-ins from Foursquare and Facebook will be directly imported from the keywords you have defined

Increase your fan base

Depending on the teams you back or root for, sports that you do and how often you publish, we will suggest other members that share the same interests to you. Become a true sports guru....

Team merchandising

Be proud to wear your Team Colors ! Do you have the latest scarf ? That new jersey ? Take a picture of yourself, choose one of the virtual items and add it to your photo. Save and publish your photo. Be creative and wait for reactions from other fans.

Players Card and Ratings

Collect the cards of your favorite player, view their profile and follow their news. You can rank players for every game they play. You can vote for the MVP of the game and also view the rates given by other fans


Sell ​​your equipment on social networks. Post the items you wish to sell (tickets, jerseys, shoes, cards, autographed photos, sports equipment, ...) and link it your PayPal account. The funds will be credited to your account. If you do not have a PayPal account, simply create one.

Post to your Facebook timeline your items for sale and create an album on Facebook with those items. Your friends will be able to buy them from their timeline.