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Why create a Fan Page ?

1/ Support

A FanPage allows a strong commitment. Your fans can support you at any time and improve your ranking. For each game, they can give their predictions, rank players, punish players who disappoint them, vote for the MVP of the game ...

2/ Awards

Your fans are rewarded for their supports. They are recognized on the site, they unlock badges and get their profile pictures put up on screen (subject to media partners and stadium approval)

3/ Open platform and dedicated website

Your FanPage is integrated in several platforms: Facebook adding a tab to your page, Twitter by linking your account and post tweets, Google as using your FanPage as your website (Simply install the index page on your server to get your own and dedicated website)We are an open platform. Real-time flows on twitter, youtube, facebook, foursquare, Flickr allows all your fans to be highlighted.

4/ Animation

Your FanPage is constantly updated. It puts forward updated content by the media and fans. By enabling automatic publication on Facebook, you can also easily animate your Facebook page. The content post on your FanPage is fully customizable and you can add as many content sources as you like.

5/ Live

Live broadcast of your events is provided by the media and fans. The news and tweets are directly integrated into the Live section

6/ Dream team and Card collector

Fans can collect cards of their favorite players and make their Dream team. At any time you know the right team and the odd of each player seen by fans.

7/ Revenue

Your FanPage allows you to monetize your audience and highlight your sponsors. As Pinterest you can identify what you like and your fans can buy item you pinned. The shop allows you to sell your merch. You get a commission on all purchases made by your fans (shop, pins, credits ...)

8/ Charity

Collect funds for your charity by selling your personal items in the shop. Introduce briefly the association and give your fans the opportunity to make direct donations.

9/ More Fans on Facebook.

The engine suggestions enable you to recruit more Fans and turn them into a fan on Facebook.

10/ Customization

Your FanPage is customizable, including virtual items that are available to your fans.