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Use the Fan Page to allow your fans, your users to meet and exchange about their passions. Integrate Fan Page into Facebook and highlight a player, a team, a championship, the predictions, the card collection ... Organize contests and integrate into your Facebook timeline, the predictions flash player.

Affiliate, revenue generator

We have developed a platform that allows online and offline partners to generate real and direct revenue for their franchise. We share 30% of the net revenue that comes from the virtual money (points) that users who register through you purchase. You can either integrate your page into your website directly, link us to your Facebook page or simply create a re-direct link to our pages. For partners who prefer an offline approach, simply create a 'promo code' and tell your users to enter it when they sign in with us for the first time..


Broadcast on screens, on TV, in-stadium and on the web

The website provides an API that allow you to display users who have support a team or an athlete. Use our Premium rate SMS numbers to generate revenue

Generate trafic through your media.

The news display can be imported from the following accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Dailymotion, Flickr … To read more about your content, the user is submitted to your website.

Get more fans

So far, when your fans clicked on "Like" they were fans among others. Now, they are rewarded and they are at the heart of your club.

You highlight them by recording their supports, you reward them by giving them your Facebook membership fan card, you motivate them by offering badges, you offer them exclusive services like players cards collector, you empower them to give a rate to the players, you facilitate meetings between them, you allow them to customize their photos, you allow them to sell their second hand items … (More information on the FanPage)

Get more " Likes "

Once you add a FanPage to your Facebook page, users are prompted to click on "Like" before interacting with your FanPage. This option allows you to increase your number of fans on Facebook

More virality

Users can share on Facebook or Twitter any parts of the website from text to video . 'Like ' and 'Share' buttons are used to direct on your FanPage friends of your fans

TV show, press, radio

Check the rates given to the players and the number of supports. Know who is player of the game, check the last comments and questions from fans … Give stats such as the world ranking on social networks, the location of fans around the world ...

Add a tab on Facebook

The apps lets you embed on Facebook the page of your choice (games schedule, teams, cards…). You decide the content to display. Upon integration into Facebook, a tab will be created in your Facebook page. You can rename this tab if you want. Go to, Facebook for more details on how to change the name.

Predictions integrated in your timeline

The predictions flash player embed in your Facebook timeline, lets you keep your fans on your Facebook page. Users are not submitted to a third party application that send them out of your timeline. The flash player developed, enables you to keep your traffic and offers smooth navigation to your fans. 1 / To publish a game on your Facebook timeline, click on 'Share' to broadcast the game.2 / Users have to click on PLAY and can directly give their predictions

Shop in Facebook

Sell items directly from your Facebook page. Users simply click on the item to open a flash player that will allow them to discover the product and buy it via PayPal or through your own payment system.

Generate revenue for your Charity

We allow talents to represent their Charity and collect money.Put on sale autographed photo, one of your personal items, games tickets ... the revenue from the sale will be add to the PayPal account of your choice.

Your merch with virtual items

You have the ability to sell virtual goods to your fans. It is now possible for a fan to buy a virtual item. Set your Fan Page and upload items (scarves, caps, shirts ...). User will be able to choose the items you have uploaded and customize their photos. The selling price of the goodies is 10 credits (apprx 0.12 USD) on which you get 30% back.

Revenue Share end Affiliate

You get back 30% of the revenue generated on the sale of « credit or point ».

Setup your contest

You can organize contest and reward your users. To set up a contest, select a start and a stop date to enter the contest and then load the photos of the prizes. To enter the contest, your users must enter a code or keyword that you transmit via SMS, email, ads,... As part of your SMS contest, scratch card, on pack promotion ... download directly, a data base of codes. Your users must enter one of the codes provided, to enter the contest

Create a data base

We allow you to use email and personal information of fans who gave their approval (optin). (Use of information in compliance with the Facebook terms: Users can give their consent while they are on your FanPage.

Create traffic to your bet operator.

For users over 21 years, we display links to generate leads to bets operators.In Europe many clubs and teams, have signed agreements with bets operators, we help you comply with the terms of your agreement. You can select the bet operator where we have to generate the leads. You can also choose to hide the ads .According to Facebook Terms, advertising for bets operators is not allowed and will not be displayed on Facebook.