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Affiliate Program:

The Affiliate Program invites website owners, Facebook pages owners and bloggers to install our FanPages and earn commissions on sales made by User registered from your Tracking link or your Keywords


Eligibility. You must be eighteen (18) years of age or older to entering into this agremment and integrate Affiliate Program. We may approve or deny your request to integrate the Programm at our sole discretion. We may also revoke your eligibility to continue utilizing Affiliation Programm at any time at our sole discretion.Some of the Services provided to User require payment of fees. All fees are stated in the local currency or in United States dollars. As described in the applicable Services, User shall pay all applicable fees.User are purchasing a virtual currency (“Credits”) that may be use by User only on the Web site .To operate the billing, we will use third party Payment Processor such as, but not only, Facebook or Paypal.

Balance Tracking

Balance. User who have integrate Affiliation Programm will have a Balance. Whenever you complete a sale on our platform, we will credit the proceeds from that sale, less our service fee, to your Balance. We will earn a 70% service fee, plus any applicable sales tax or VAT, in connection with each Payments transaction on our platform.

Tracking. When you login, you have a single tracking link. You have to use this tracking link when you promote online the service. To get your tracking link go to Partners Codes. When a User registers from your website or your Facebook page, and makes a purchase in order to buy Credits/Points, you'll earn a commission on the sale. If you integrate a FanPage to your Facebook Page we will track the user thank to the Facebook Page Tab. To promote offline the service, you may use a keyword. To choose your Keyword, go to Partners Codes. When a User registers, we may ask the User to enter a Keyword. This Keyword helps us to track the User and to pay you a commission made on the sale by the User whoentered the Keyword.Note that you will earn a commisson only on Users who register through yourtracking link or keywords you choosed.

Payout. We will redeem your Balance according to the following rules: 1. We can redeem your Balance only if we have your current banking information and any other information we need to make the payment on record, including, if required, identification and tax and business formation documentation. 2. We will make Balance redemption payments only to the account entered by you in the Settings field of the Revenue sharing part. 3. We will redeem your Balance approximately 60 days following the end of the month in which the transaction occurred 4. We will not redeem your Balance until we get redeem from third party Payment Processor such as, but not only, Facebook or Paypal. 5. Developer Balances will be redeemed in United States Dollars or in Local currency. 6. If a Balance redemption payment for any given pay period would be less than fifty United States Dollars ($50.00), we will roll payment over to the next month, unless your account is being deactivated or deleted, or if it has been one year since either your last redemption payment or your first use of Affiliate Program or Credits. 7. We may withhold from redemption any Balance or part of it, thereof that was earned due to any breach of any terms or policies by you, or that was transferred based on fraudulent or illegal transactions, or that was alleged by a user to have been transferred without his or her consent.

Payment error. If we make a redemption payment to you in error, you are liable for the full amount of that payout. You agree to reverse the payment associated with that redemption or to permit us to reverse the payment..

Taxes. It is your responsibility to remit all duties, taxes (including without limitation sales tax and VAT) and other fees that apply to your transactions, including the redemption of any Balance. You agree to report to your local Tax Revenue Service the gross amount of the payments you receive each calendar year. If duties, taxes, or fees apply to the redemption of a Balance, we may adjust the service fee so that the net amount we receive remains at 70%. You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from and against any claim arising out of or related to your failure to comply with this paragraph.Abandoned Payouts. If we are unable to pay you because you have not provided valid payment information or valid identification information, we may terminate this agreement.

Your Responsibilities and Risks

Fraud. You agree to cooperate with us to prevent fraudulent or illegal transactions. As part of our efforts to deter fraud and suspicious transactions, we may limit the number of transactions or volume of payments you are able to accept during a given period of time.

Chargebacks. You will be liable for all Chargebacks relating to transactions discovered within 120 days of the transaction. By “Chargebacks” we mean any reversals of payment initiated by a third-party payment provider. We will assume responsibility for Chargebacks discovered after the 120th day unless we determine you conducted the transaction in connection with a breach of terms or policies or Fraud.

Marketing methods. We do not allow affiliates to use teams or leagues Trademarks. We reserve the right to decline applications from affiliates who use website addresses or social media properties that infringe on the intellectual property of others.

Additional Terms

Conflict of terms. In the event of any conflict between the diffrent Terms, these Terms control.